January 4, 2012

Faux Fur Week Day 3: Fur Collar and a Fur Scarf!

This was inspired by not only the many movies from the 50s and 60s, but from all the fall/winter runway shows. I just wish I had some extra plushy colorful fur laying around. That would be amazing!! This literally took 10 minutes with under half yard of fur. I think I might have to wear this with everything. You aren't feeling dressed up, just pop this on top or under as a scarf and you're lookin' good baby!
cape: thrifted/vintage  coat: h&m   tank: splendid  boots: thrifted/vintage  pants: f21    fur: antique store

flexible measuring tape
needle and thread, sewing machine OR fabric glue

Instructions for measuring/cutting:
1. Cut out a rainbow looking shape that's curve is 33.5" long, 6.5" at the middle/widest and 2.5" at the thinnest - half inch is added for seam allowance. An easy way to make sure that it is very similar to the picture below is to cut out a rectangle that is 15" by 30", then on the non fabric side mark 6.5" down from the top middle. Then take a flexible ruler and lay a rainbow shape 33.5" long from the bottom corner to the 6.5" mark to the other corner, mark where the ruler hits. Then lay your flexible ruler 2 inches above where you started the other rainbow shape in the corner, making it hit the middle top of the rectangle then back down to the other corner 2.5" above the other corner marking, mark. Folding it in the center, so it becomes a square, cut!
2. Trace the newly cut fur piece onto some lining (whether you want that a matching fabric color or fur), cut!

Instructions for sewing:
For sewing machine-
1.  Pin and sew the lining and the fur right sides together, leave a 2" gap. 
2. Flip right side out, pulling through the 2" gap.
3. Hand stitch the gap closed.
4. Comb out the fur that is caught in the seam to cover the seam.

For hand-stitching - 
1. Pin the lining on the fur, wrong sides together. If the lining isn't fur, then fold and iron down the edges of the fabric lining, then pin wrong sides together to the fur.
2. Hand-stitch the lining to the fur. If the lining is fur, then the hand-stitching will be very will hidden! I prefer this over all because it has the best results, it is just a bit more time consuming.

For those who don't sew at all- Fabric Glue-
1. Fabric glue the wrong side of the lining piece, making sure to get the edges.
2. Carefully place it on the wrong side of the fur piece, matching up the edges perfectly.
3. Let dry.

*You can add pins to the underside of the of the collar, then pin it to the lapels or close to. 
*Add snaps or buttons to the underside of your coat and snaps or button holes to collar (do this before you sew the two pieces together).


  1. I LOVE this idea. I'm going to have to try it!


  2. Love it! PS your cape is adorable...very feminine Sherlock ;)

  3. Where did you get your boots? They are amazing!

  4. so wait, are you back from china? i've been a little mia.

  5. I am so glad you are back in the States! You...and your fabulous talent...have been sorely missed. Great idea...again!

  6. OMG everything you've made is so cute that I'm going to have to buy like a mile of faux fur just to make all this! I'm loving the tutorials, thanx for sharing!


  7. Love this, In fact I love your blog!
    Hi i'm Taylor and I am now following you, your blog has already inspired me to do so many projects! I Love it!

    Xoxo, Taylor

  8. Where do you bought the fur? and also love your boots where you got them? so good to have you back Liz!!.

  9. the fur on the cape is sheer gold. you are so wonderful for doing this... my project list is getting longer...

  10. I really love this with the coat!