October 21, 2013

DIY midi circle skirt

IMG_4894c IMG_4816c IMG_4841c IMG_4882cIMG_4829c IMG_4874c IMG_4844c I've always been in love with designing and making feminine skirts and dresses, I'm sure it is every girl's dream to make wedding dresses for a living. I'm no exception to that rule. There is something about the feeling behind the feminine clothing, almost like we are visiting and joining in on those past popular fashions or maybe we just want to feel like a dang woman sometimes. I just get lost in the black and boxy. So naturally I had to make this skirt. This easy, fun bright skirt. top:h&m skirt: self-made shoes: steve madden (old) necklace: ismini creations watch: gift (here) Supplies: 2 yards of fabric (I used a heavier fabric, a polyester twill- thirfted) interfacing measuring tape pins iron sewing machine thread scissors Instructions: 1. Cut the skirt out as directed below. My tip on cutting the circle skirt out, fold your fabric in half and find the center. Stick a measuring tape through the end at the center, and mark the half circle out by sliding your length measurement and your waist measurement on the measuring tape around the half circle. Then cut out. circleskirt 2. Cut the waist band on a bias (optional), which is the diagonal direction on the fabric, the bias has a little stretch to it. I used the edges of what was left from my circle skirt being cut out, and ended up cutting 4 pieces instead of 1, then sewing them together to make the waistband the width and length I needed. 3. Measure your waist, then cut the waist band to be your waist + 1.25". 4. Add interfacing if you want the waistband to stay nice and stiff, preventing wrinkles and such. 5. I stuck in a basting stitch 2" from the fold of the waistband to help as a guide when I'm sewing it in and to keep the waistband nice and flat when I sew it in (preventing the front and back of the waistband from not lining up and creating that weird rippling effect). 6. Cut open the circle skirt (if you cut the skirt out on a fold). 7. Pin the waistband to the skirt opening. The waistband and the opening should match up, if not, make adjustments to the opening, by either cutting a little wider if too small or gathering it when sewing the waistband together if the opening is too big, Starred Photos383c 8. Serge or zig zag stitch (almost a satin (very tight) stitch, with one edge of the zig zag rolling over the side) the edge of the waistband to the opening and the openings of the skirt. 9. Iron the edges of the opening 5/8" under on both sides to prepare for the invisible zipper. This crease is the guide for your invisible zipper. Pin the zipper in, lining it up to the creased line. So the crease and the stitch line will be the same. 10. I zip up the zipper once one side is done and mark where the waistband line is on the half of the zipper that isn't sewn in yet. Then sew in the other zipper, lining up the mark with where the waistband meets the skirt. 11.Pin together the the bottom half of the skirt, aligning the creases. Then sew. 12. Stitch across the bottom of the zipper across a 1/4" to 1/2" long. Helps prevent that annoying hole when the stitch starts coming out. Starred Photos384C

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  1. this turned out great!