November 16, 2010

Colorful Paper Wreath

This is the easiest project that my sweet sister-in-law Autumn showed me! Thanks Autumn!! This paper wreath can be made in many different sizes and fullnesses. This can be made for anything, depending on the colors and patterns you choose. So many many different possibilities. I saw another one like this made with book pages. This could make a great Christmas gift! This is how it is made:

Cut squares (these ones are cut into 3 inch squares) to the size and fullness you want. 
You can leave the edges straight or you can rip the edges to add a little more character and distress.
Depending on how big and and how much fullness you want depends on how many squares you will need.

Buy a Styrofoam wreath at any craft store in the size you desire.
Crumple the center of the squares to create a pointy effect.

Start hot glueing at the crumpled point of the paper to the wreath and hold it in place till it dries.
When adding on more pieces, hot glue some of the paper sides together for extra security.
You can either entirely cover the wreath or just glue on the pieces just to the front.
Last, knot a piece of ribbon at its end and hot glue the fold to the backside of the wreath. If you are completely covering the wreath then add the ribbon during the paper gluing process to conceal the fold. 

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