November 14, 2010

I don't cook...I just sew Aprons - the easy ruffled apron tutorial

So, here is an easy ruffled Apron tutorial! It only took an hour and a half, which can be squeezed into a night or two. It would have taken a lot quicker except I was figuring it out as I went along. I actually have admired my mother in-laws cherry apron that looks very similar to this one, thats why I decided to make one for myself. Though I only cook once a week if that, I still appreciate a good apron. Maybe it can be a sewing apron? hmmm...Maybe. I love how it looks complicated but it quite simple! I'm posting the tutorial tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions about my instructions. This is the first one I've done!

Needed supplies:
Scissors, sewing machine, straight pins, small ruler, ¾ of a yard of two fabrics, thread, bobbin, seam ripper. (You never know you might need one.)
Optional supplies:
Rotary cutter, ruler, and mat, iron and ironing board
2 apron body pieces (look at picture for specs)--> cut in a curve, in a way you like it!
2 pocket pieces (5 ½” x12” with corners  cut off)
2 ruffle pieces 7” wide x width of fabric  (from salvage to salvage).
2 waist tie pieces 4” x width of fabric.
1 neck tie 3” x width of fabric

*Optional: At this point sew trim to top of pocket front and bib of apron front.

-Sew with right sides together leaving an opening for turning. 
-Trim corners, turn and press. 
-Sew to apron body front.
*Optional: If you want the apron to be reversible, make a second pocket and sew it to the other body piece. 
-Fold in half widthwise and sew, make sure to tuck and sew in one end of each tie. 
-Trim points, turn right side out and press. 
*Optional:  add “D” rings at this point. I just sewed on a bow to the end, I love bows!

-Trim Salvages off. 
-Sew two ruffle pieces end to end on 7” side to make a very long piece.
-Fold in half widthwise and press. 
-Fold in each end ¼ and top stitch. 
-Pleat ruffle by measuring 3” and then folding back 1”, measuring 3” and folding back 1” until you have pleated the entire length, ironing the pleats as you go. 
-Baste the ruffle and then lay it on the right side of the apron body with the salvage edges of body and ruffle aligned.
-Pin and sew.  You need to decide if you want your ties in front or in back of you ruffle before you sew your ruffle on.  (Hint: you need to ease in extra ruffle in the curves so that the ruffle will lay flat after the apron is turned.   Also ruffle should start and end about ½ from the edge.  You don’t want the ruffle in the seam that will go under your arm.)
-Pin neckties, and waist ties in proper spots and place other apron body piece back on, right sides together. 
-Sew around the rest of the apron leaving an opening for turning. 
-Trim corners, curve, turn right side out and press.  You can add one or two rows of topstitching if you desire.


  1. Great fabric choice. The last apron I sew is made of thin blue denim.

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  5. I just bought my first sewing machine and I am very excited to learn to sew! I have never sewn anything before. I am a plus sized girl and I really love this apron. How do I "convert" these measurements to fit a bigger size? Thanks!!

    1. I don't know if the author of this blog replies to posts or not... I am waiting for answers too. I'm a beginner also but my suggestion would be to take your measurements and just make sure it is the size you want it to be. I think there is quite a bit of leeway in the instructions. Also, I am in the middle of making mine and you need more fabric than what is listed here. Have fun and good luck!

    2. Since you are a beginner, I suggest going to the fabric store and purchasing a factory printed pattern. They have detailed instructions included with every pattern. On the outside of the pattern envelope is listed all the notions (thread, buttons, etc.) you will need along with yardage for all sizes. May I suggest Simplicity patterns, See N Sew, or anything labelled "easy". Aprons are a good place to start, since they are well, easier than say, a shirt with a collar. Good Luck!

  6. I am confused. I just cut a piece of fabric 3/4 of a yard and am looking at it wondering how I am going to get the neck ties, the waist tie, the ruffle, and the back side of the body piece out of this. It doesn't add up with the way it is explained. I am a beginning sewer. Am I missing something???

    1. I agree, I make aprons all the time, and the smallest amount of fabric I can figure out for this one with the pleats and everything is 1 yard of the yellow and half and 2/3 of a yard (24 inches) for the front piece. I also want to note that my measurements are different for example selvage to selvage on my fabric is a yard, I do not need 3 feet of fabric for my neck ties, or 6 feet for my waist ties. If you already cut your fabric, I recommend that you cut out the body piece first and then fit the rest of your pieces in what is left over (maybe make the pleats 4 inches wide instead of 7. Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

  7. Your first tutorial is outstanding. I love aprons, they are something that you can have fun with and end up with something that serves a purpose. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  8. Suggest to Blogger that you include a sketch of how you laid out your pattern pieces on your fabrics ... Like the way store-bought patterns do so we all can see how to adapt your pattern for our various widths of fabric and various sizes of bodies.

    I do so like the overall apron though and plan on making one as soon as I finish clearing out my garage to get to my buried sewing machine (too many moves in too little time have resulted in pallets of boxes filling our garage).

  9. Cute apron!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I absolutely love this pattern and made two aprons in two days! Thank you somuch for sharing!!!

    1. Where is the instruction for the ruffle at the top and the neck strap?

  11. I'm going to assume that she is not going to answer posts since it's been almost a year since the post, so I'm going to share something. I hope I don't get in trouble lol! I found a tutorial almost exactly like this pattern at The Dating Diva that I just made, it's a free one so I'm sure she won't mind sharing! Type "apron" in search box and scroll down and it's yellow and black. Next time I make this I'm going to combine both tutorials and aprons; they both have good stuff. HTH! Happy sewing!